Things to do instead of write your informational paper



Open document, check word count.
Check your email.
Check Facebook, while there, have conversations with your friend who you just saw at a party, your niece, and your student teacher
Oooh! Puppy.
No, no fostering puppies this week.
Pinterest. Oh pin pin pin. Crap, teacher’s blogs. . . you need to work on this paper.
Check school email to see if paper is due in the a.m. or p.m.
answer three emails.
Oh! Ten o’clock, The Newsroom is on.
Yah, you can write with this in the background.
Or blog, you can blog.


Check back to your paper between The Newsroom and True Blood.
True Blood, oh you’ve never watched that.  Vampires, they’re not annoying Twilight Vampires are they?
Ha, funny, a hate group of mixed race where every one hates vampires. Clever.
Paper.  Yah, that new paragraph sucks.
Erase whole new paragraph.

Decide your muse takes a break on Sundays. Set alarm for five. am.


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