The Olympics – Opening Ceremonies


Coming in a smidge late here folks.  Had to see Brave after all – but – hit refresh for all the snark you can handle, and you know a little bit of American pride to come.

8:28 – Coming in with the Queen.  Looking good – but would it kill her to crack a smile.
8:35 – A piece honoring the National Health Service – with actual doctors and nurses and healthy children.  Take that America.
8:39 – Peter Pan and Harry Potter. British kiddie lit FTW.
8:40 – He Who Shall  Not Be Named, ooh scary. (Not digging the music by the way).
8:41 – Really?  Marry Poppins can take Voldermort? I dunno about that.
8:46 – I’m going with creepy Matt.
8:48 – British Humor always escapes me – Mr. Bean and Chariots of Fire? For reals?
8:57 – Tim Berners Lee?  Ah, who?
8:58 – Ooops – Mr. Berners Lee invented the internet – not like Al Gore invented, but actually came up with HTTP.  Which made it of course, possible for you to click that little link.
9:00 – Seriously, that’s all the Clapton you’re going to put in there? That rift? Shame.
9:01 – Eek. Meredith. No Singing. No no no.
9:10 Um. Sorry London, at this moment, China is kicking your arse.
9:28 And now we come to my favorite part of the night, critique countries based on their outfits for the parade of nations.
9:38 Realized Meredith is gone, and now I can listen to Mr. Costas mix metaphors for the rest of the night.
10:02 Oh, this drags on for you Mr. Costa. Are you saying you’re boring?
10:16 – No doubt, Italy wins best looking athletes. How do you get that many pretty people together in one place?
10:43 – We get it, it’s moving fast. You’ve said it forty-seven times. Seriously.
11:04 – Lots of UConn tonight. Huskies!!
11:05 – More US women than US men athletes for the first time ever. Sweet.
11:22 – I really like the doves on bikes. For real.
11:54 – Good job Sir Paul. Good job Olympic committee not letting the torch look like illicit smoking paraphernalia


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