Top (insert number here) things to do instead of finish a project

  1. Find a new cookie recipe for later this week.
  2. Work on a new lesson plans for September.
  3. Organize my queue on Netflix
  4. Think about the next thing I want to put in jars.
  5. Look at Warren Wilson’s website.
  6. Organize my haiku’s for the haiku head to do at the word x word festival next week
  7. Wonder if I should invited people to see me compete in the Haiku head to head.
  8. Figure that blogging about that instead of asking people, is the single most passive aggressive thing I’ve done all week.
  9. Organize my fantasy football league.
  10. See if any one wants to go to Shakespeare this weekend
  11. Re-post my ad for a school-year babysitter
  12. Wonder if the waterfalls in the area are low or high about this time of summer
  13. Think if I go to the Bookmill, can I wander away without spending any money on books.
  14. Worry about Kai in kindergarten.
  15. Scream for the third time in two days when the mouse scurries by my toes
  16. Get concerned about what it says about me that not only, will I scream about a mouse, but I will also tell the internet about my proclivity towards wussdom.

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