Returning to the political —


Oh you’re wondering what unions have brought you in the last 100 years – Well there is –

  • The five-day work week (nice not to have to work Saturdays, isn’t it?)
  • Overtime and time and half on holidays
  • The abolishment of child labor – (what, you don’t think the energetic on should be working in a mill?)
  • The right to negotiate hours, wages and working conditions.

But, yah, you’re right. Unions are terrible, awful things, and we should totally vote in people who advocate the breaking them up. I mean – we should so give school committees the right to set the wages of  teachers,  towns the right to set the working hours of cops, and CEOs the right to set the working conditions of laborers.

Except before unions, one could describe hours, wages, and conditions as  just one thing – abysmal.

Enjoy your day off tomorrow – and remember – that day is brought to you by the labor movement – so if you won’t vote for the rights of the working, at least do me the favor of going to work for your employer tomorrow in protest of those rights.  No?  Going to go to that picnic anyway?  Yah, I thought so.

One should note- that this angsty sarcasm is brought to you by a registered Democrat since 1995, a union member since 2000, and a teacher since 2005.

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