Thirty Days of Lists – List One


A friend from home had been posting lists everyday – and by Friday I couldn’t  resist any more. Lists are my thing, they are everywhere, little slips of paper, little missives from my earlier self, tucked in notebooks. They are my favorite thing to write.

September is my least favorite time to write.  I can barely get paragraphs out, so occupied is my brain with the beginning of school.  So this challenge from Thirty Days of Lists is good for me.  A little bit of writing, a little bit of crafting, a little bit of photography is just what I need to suss through the writer’s block.

And sure, don’t mind me if I am starting 22 days behind.

List #1 – I

  •  They are evidence of work done
  • or work not done.
  • They are parties planned
  • or meals made.
  • They remind me what I want
  • or what I need.
  • There is satisfaction in a list completed
  • or just a list created

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