Today I’ll Endorse. . .


Live the blog was not – I fell asleep in the car on the way up — my phone and its battery-sucking-existence, dead while we were still in line.  The boys were done by the time we got in – but really they hung in there so well. There were thousands of people snaking up and down the closed-down streets of Concord to hear Presidents Clinton and Obama speak.  We were so far back we caught just glimpses of them.

But there was something –

about all these people, at a terribly early hour,
not complaining in line,
not complaining of the cold,
not pushing, not shoving,
and being kind.

There was something to be said of
the former president
who speaks with such charisma,
I didn’t need to see him,
to know he was speaking to me. He talked of
“. .  a stunning example of how ‘We’re all in this
together’ is a way better philosophy than
‘You’re on your own.'”

And when our President spoke,
as I help my three year old tight,
all I could do was, just listen.
I believe in this man,
because he supports Lilly Ledbetter,
and my right to choose.
Because he finally helped to end Don’t ask Don’t tell,
and he worked his ass off for the ACA.
I believe in this man, because he got our troops out-of
that damn Iraq.

I believe in this man,
because when I hear him speak,
I hear sincere. I am no fool.
This is the man I have been behind since August of ’04.
Toes tucked under t-shirt sitting on a chair,
just twenty-four inches from the tv,
where I watched him deliver a speech,
in support of another man.

Today, I could hear him.
Knew he was down the street a ways,
the layers were heavier,
the crowd, standing room only,
and I couldn’t see him.
But eight year later,
I am still behind this man,
because of the children I dragged along with me in the cold,
because I love them and want for them a better country, a better world.
I am behind him with my voice, my words,
and on Tuesday,
my vote.


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