Instead of —


“Kai, I met with your teacher today. She said you had writing workshop this morning.”
“Yep, we did mom.”
“She said you talked all about going to see the President, but you didn’t want to write about it, do you remember what you wrote about instead?”
“Oh yeah, Chuck E. Cheese.”
“You went to see the president and the former president of The United States, and you decided to write and draw about Chuck E. Cheese?”
“Well, yah mom, it would be too hard to draw all those people at Barack Obama”

Valid point kid.

For fun, a song about a giant squid that hates himself because I haven’t stopped singing it since I heard it on Friday. I know, it’s a song about a giant squid, but it’s freakin’ perfect.

Oh and a bad lip reading of the first debate- because it made me spit out my tea that I’m drinking to stay awake long enough to grade.

And Sunrise on the way to NH, because no matter what the sun rises Wednesday – and if it doesn’t we have bigger problems that who was elected the night before.

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