Why I will not vote for Scott Brown – an analysis based only on voting record.


This is going to be a long list and one I am going to continue to update throughout the day.  Direct references will be made to Project Vote Smart, a group that documents recorded votes. I am going to be honest, I actually could end with just one issue– I could put this one vote down, and be done —

Constitutional Amendment Defining Marriage – S220 – Seriously?  This was a constitutional convention vote – meaning he wanted to define marriage in the Massachusetts constitution as the marriage of one man and one woman.  Further – this vote was cast in July of 2007, three years after marriage equality was passed in this state.  This vote would have had the power to nullify the thousands of marriages that had taken place since then.  How can a person look at a person, and say, sorry, your family doesn’t count as much as mine. In consideration for  my neighbors, friends, and students who don’t have the power to marry the person they love in but a handful of states, I can’t vote for a person who voted for passage of this bill.

Well if I didn’t end with that – I certainly could end with this –

S 3772 – Paycheck Fairness Act  – Also known as the Lilly Ledbetter act. I just got a flyer that said he was for pay check equality – but records show he voted for against sending this bill to the floor for a vote, (God, I hate the filibuster as it exists today).  But just FYI, you can’t say you are for paycheck equality when you wouldn’t even let an up or down vote happen on this. Also can we pause for a moment  and discuss PAC money — how much money does the Brown campaign have to blow, if they can send me six flyers in the last week, that cost at least a dollar a piece to print and mail to me.  Not the household of mind you, but me. I mean what list am I on that says I am a possible vote for Brown– the eight years a teacher list? Or the union member since 2000 list? The registered Dem since 1995 list? The paid member, or frequent contributor to NARAL, Planned Parenthood of America, Feminist Majority, or NOW list? The worked for Obama in 2008 list? The even voted for Martha Coakley list?  Come on now.

S 3369 – DISCLOSE Act  &  S 3628 – Campaign Finance Disclosure Requirements – Two more votes against Cloture – meaning that both these bills that demanded transparency in campaign funding never got to the floor of the Senate.  Again – why can’t we even vote on these things? Oh right, you don’t want your constituents to know you like your big money corporate money in campaigns, so you don’t even vote it to the floor.  Lame. Scott Brown is Lame.  Or just, like Mitt Romney, believes corporations are people.


HR 847 – 9/11 Health and Compensation Act
Just to be clear – he voted against this

-Establishes the World Trade Center Health Program, beginning July 1, 2011, to provide the following (Sec. 101):

Medical monitoring and treatment benefits to certain emergency responders and cleanup workers who responded to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks; and -Initial health evaluations, monitoring, and treatment benefits to New York City residents and workers who were directly impacted and adversely affected by the attacks.

I got nothing in response. Nothing.  Wait, yes I do.  The republican party made  9-11 their rally cry for years –  war after war, civil liberty removed one after another – and then – Then- when a fund was proposed to help those first responders who were there that day – the ones who ran into the burning buildings, not out of, Scott Brown voted no.



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