Meteors, and UPS, and Christmas Lights. . . Oh my.


Not kid safe. . this guy reveals who Santa really is. I kind of love him.

Just when you thought you could escape Call Me Maybe Memes — well now there are Christmas displays set to the song.  I sort of love these too. 

Wait. Hold on.  One of the houses is doing all sorts of pop song displays.. Gangnum Style anyone?

So. Stars. I love the stars. And space, and I always wanted to be an astronaut, if only to just be a little closer to those balls of gas.  I actually have an app that tells me when meteor showers are peaking — yeh, I’m that nerd.  But, I try not write about them, because . . well stars and poetry – It’s a bit much, no?  But, I’m pretty sure there is nothing I love more, than an open field in a place  with as little light pollution as I can find, and a meteor shower.
This time of year the falling stars are easy enough to be found.  Between last week and next – there have been or will be five meteor showers. The Puppid-Velids peaked Thursday, and the Monocerotids peak tonight.   And fret not, one of the best of the year is still to come — The Geminidis – which will radiate from. . you guessed it, Gemini, will peak between the 13th and the 14th, though you might be able to catch glimpses even beginning this weekend.  The best part though… they will peak during the new moon, so you may actually get to catch  a goodly number of those sixty per hour falling star wishes.


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