heavy-hearted lines


It’s not the guns
I want to talk about now
It’s the moms and dads
The wives and husbands
who sent their children
their partners
off to school or work today

I want to talk about the kiddos
who still love school every day
who still get joy out of discovery
It’s the teachers who went to work
like they do every day
to teach children
because they love
teaching children
I want to talk about them

I want to fool myself
into believing
they were not scared
I want to believe
that there were teachers who
gave their lives for their students

I want to hold the
first-responders and
nurses and doctors
close to my heart
Babies in their arms
on their tables
I hope they know
they did good
this morning.

This is too close
too many connections
When Connecticut
is your home state
it is a very small place

I sit in my classroom
two hours after the last bell
there are still kids in my class
kids down the hall
kids in the gym
voices content to be
in this building on a Friday

Schools are supposed
to be safe places
not locked down to
keep the world out
open wide to
let the world in

Too hurt to end this poem
without a cliché
or broken lines
because they don’t
make metaphors
for the kind of things
that happened today

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