Extending Condolences


Connecticut is so small. I mean, we pretty much all went to college together. And if not, we all know how to cheer for the Huskies. And our parents all worked at the same company, Be it Pratt, or Aetna, or Travelers.  Hell, we  all get stuck in the same traffic on 84 or 91. We are from a small place, and no clearer is that reminder this week. Too many are the six degrees, or far less, of separation from me to one of the lives taken in Newtown. Oh C.T. my heavy sighs for you this weekend are extended.


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  2. So true–I grew up in CT and this tragedy is too much for me to bear. Really, it would be too much and too awful to bear from anywhere, but so close to my home, in my tiny state…heart-rending. Can any parent not feel the pain of those CT parents? I hold my child now and think of how they can’t do the same, and I grieve for them. Heavy sighs indeed. It’s hard to have a blog with a happy name at times like this, isn’t it? I blog at Joyfully Green and I haven’t been joyful at all since last Friday. I finally gave up trying to find something joyful or green, and wrote about the pain instead–or rather, searching for solace. (The link is here, in case you’re interested: http://www.joyfullygreen.com/2012/12/searching-for-solace-in-the-wake-of-sandy-hook.html.) It was cathartic. Still sad, though. Not expecting to ever get over it, nor do I think I want to–I want it to fuel me towards positive change. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts during this very sad time. I could very well relate to them.

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