Blessings counted – continued –


The greatest kindergarten teacher in the world – no really, I’m not being hyperbolic – she is lovely. She gave me a high five the first day of school, she hugged me after Kai’s first 504 meeting. She wrote me the nicest email I have ever gotten, about a day my son showed something, as ordinary, for the rest of the world, as patience.  The principal when speaking of her to me, says she gets choked up almost every time she talks about her – because of how amazing she is. She plays the banjo – and the ukulele- she sends home a newsletter every week- she is teaching my son to read. She is a superhero.

Coworkers –  people who occupy most of the daylight hours of my work week- Conspirers in the education of teenagers – open-hearted inspirers-  friends to cause trouble with, be it mild in hallways, or more fun after hours. Kevetchers-in-arms- thoughtful confidants- broad-shouldered bearers of troubles-   sweet friends of mine.

Tuesday nights- Evening of sharing writing and reading and performing- night of listening- hours of suring up sanity. Chair pulled up to bar, with attentive and adorable bartender- camaraderie being formed with poets- exposure to artists. Nights spent in observation of the city that, more often than not, deserves the nickname it has earned, Paradise.



Other things I’m thankful for — other blessings I am counting.


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