Causing Trouble


So- I hate John Mayer
And he cries after sex.
Those two things are mutually exclusive.
A friend from college was rumored to have hooked
up with him back during his college days in Boston.
I asked – inebriated at a bachelorette party in nyc-
So, John Mayer really?
and she nodded back and I pushed,
wait, is your body a wonderland?
In return she grinned back, no.
–No we really only hooked up a couple of times.
Just a couple?
–Yah, see he cries after sex.I don’t hold it against Mr. Mayer

that he’s a sensitive soul,
I hate John Mayer because of that damn song.
No, not the one about daddies
being good to their daughters,
what kind of Electra complex bullshit is that?
No the Waiting for the World to Change one.
I don’t care what kind of lovely guitar rift you put that tune to-
You can’t tell me, “that some day our generation
is going to rule the population
so we keep on waiting for the world to change.”

Have we really become the most
disaffected cohort ever?
No great frontier-
No American dream-
No rugged individualism-
No  we’re just going to wait.
Because- that’s what the founding father’s did –
just chilled – 
in pubs
waiting for a stop to-
taxation without representation,
tyranny from afar,
monarchy with out end-
And then wrote a song
and set it to fife music.

Marget Sanger believed that women should
not die because their bodies collapsed
after housing and birthing ten children-
Believed that economic independence
comes from the right to plan your family.
Believed in birth control.
And for this, got arrested seventeen
times for lewd and lascivious behavior-
For the  audacious crime
of mailing birth control to married couples.
If only she had waited for world to change-
she wouldn’t have been seen as such a slut.

“The Arc of the moral universe is long
but it bends towards justice.”
Bends, said Martin Luther King.
Bends, with the wight from people who push it-
jump on it-
who beat the hell out of it.
People who make it okay to remind my students
that this in not a post feminist
post racial anything.
This world, I tell them-
will not wait for you to change it.

You will have to be acitve and bold-
and you will have to be lewd and out-spoken.
You will have to be moral and true
you can not listen to John Mayer.
Instead listen to Bob-
Marley or Dylan-
to Billie’s blues-
to the audacious angst of Janis-
or the howl of the Beastie Boys,
till you know-
That no one waits –
not for love,
not for the next chance,
and most certainly,
not for the world to change.


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