Midnight listening


Almost August nights – oh how I love you, when the grip of summer is suddenly loosened, when you rather your windows down, then the ac turned on high.  Oh, almost August nights when there are at least seven meteor showers about to peak, giving us wish upon wish.  Summer nights and music mesh, windows down and radio higher than my ears should want. Bless the highway, and its mirage of possibility.

I don’t like time, time is making me old
but I’m doing alright cause I will still be young tomorrow
and I can’t stand working all day work is wearing out my soul
I think I’ll go out tonight and I will call in sick tomorrow. . .

. . . ‘Cause I don’t like time, time’s ticking away my life
So I live the way I want to live and I will live this way till I am dead
When life gets hard you’ve got remember who you are
and forget about what people think
just be who you want to be
Don’t you want to see how good life can be?
-The Mowgli’s





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