Haunted by –


Chrysler made 1,000,237 PT cruisers
between 2000 and 2010,
and my father owned two of them.

The first one ordered straight from the factory
would be purple.
He would call me –

“T the PT is in Utah today.”
“Yeah, Pop?”
“Yup, tomorrow Arkansas.”

The second one he purchased was silver,
Silver and airbrushed.
Airbrushed, with a purple dragon on the hood
and three women,
all in different manner of undress.
That is a warrior princess,
a guardian angel,
and a butterfly fairy woman,
all scantily clad.
This was the PT my father possessed

And when people at his different jobs
accused him of making the workplace hostile,
with his displays of automotive art,
I, a feminist –
not that my father ever understood what that meant,
I was indignant for him.

So it was with great amounts of glee,
that my brother and I parked that PT
with all of its airbrushed half nakedness glory,
out front of the funeral home on the day of his memorial service–
So that every one of the four hundred mourners
that signed the guest book on that April day
had to march past it and all of its out of control monstrosity.

Chrysler made 1,000,237  PT Cruisers in ten years.
And it was a piece of shit car,
so you know, at most,
there are only some 700,000 left on the road.

And Massachusetts has, at best,
two percent of the population —
So we should have two percent
of the remaining PT Cruisers–

Thus, either the Valley has an oddly
disproportionate number of PT Cruisers-
Or, I am being haunted by them.

Haunted by PT Cruisers.
Some days I only see two.
Today I saw twelve.

And so I who gave up all faith,
the day my father’s hand slipped lifeless out of mine,
I pray to PT cruisers,
Or maybe, just to my pops.

“Pops- give me a red one if I’m right,
a blue one if I’m wrong.
Pops- by the next light,
if I see another PT,
I am not making the most audacious mistake of my entire life.”

And when I ask big questions like that –
Pops, he sends me, far before the next traffic light,
an obnoxiously airbrushed PT cruiser.
Sure it’s only flames and not a dragon,
with three half-dressed ladies in waiting.

But, as benedictions go-
It is just enough.

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