A woman who muses.  A woman with an inner monologue that never shuts down. And so, as that woman, I feel that I need to get these constant ramblings on the page.  I see the world through many filters, as woman, mother, wife, and teacher; as nerd, feminist, tree hugger, and music lover.  I am constantly trying to work my writing chops, and to commit to that writing. This page is my attempt to work all these conditions in to one fluid, comprehensible  discourse.

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  1. Hi. I’m a reporter for the Oregonian trying to get familiar with Happy Valley. I am hoping to have a network of moms and teachers who will help me figure out what the important stories are in Happy Valley. My email is HSteeves@Oreognian.com if you ever have any ideas about town issues, education, etc. Thank you! -H

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