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On doing things


I do things — I mean — you do things too – We all do things –

Today I made ginger syrup and lemon syrup, so I can flavor the soda water I make with my Soda Stream.  And I went to a birthday party, and I kept the kids sane, and I thought about the present I needed to finish making for the kiddo whose birthday party it was. Read the rest of this entry

In the dark and still of the night.


According to the wmeco website, about 100 percent of the Valley has no power. This is not hyperbole. As I sit on my dark, cold, kitchen floor, I can’t help thinking, this wasn’t the trick-or-treat the Valley was looking for. The sun though, is still scheduled to come up soon, and things are bound to get better in the day light.

To be prepared


A quick rundown of what we are doing to prepare for the 79mph+ winds forecasted for Irene’s arrival here in the Happy Valley –

1. Drinking water, a gallon a day per person, theoretically enough for four days. Stop & Shop has Poland Spring, 2.5 gallon containers on Sale for 2/$5.00. If anything, this storm is going to be annoying, in that we may lose power for a few days.  The Northeast is crowded, and the electrical grid is packed, if this hits NYC and Boston, lord knows, WMECO isn’t going to be able to get the help it had in the past to fix the grid (the HillTown ice storm, June 1st tornado),  folks might be without power for a few days. In fact most of my tips have to do with dealing without power. Read the rest of this entry

Dear . . .


Dear trees,
feel free to keep all your branches tonight.

the homeowner who enjoys both her slate roof and her electricity

Dear Gods of snow days and delayed openings,
any other time of the year you are most welcome, but during exams, you make everything wonky.

Yours truly,
the teacher who enjoys things unwonky

Dear food, stop being so good.

No seriously,
the woman who would enjoy wearing some of those old size eight jeans.

Dear children,
Today when I said I quit, and my name wasn’t mommy anymore, it was Tara, and you would have to go to the Mommy Store and pick out a new mommy– yah, sorry about that. After you went to bed, I totally stashed away some money for any therapy you might need in the future.

kisses and hugs,
your mommy, who promise she won’t ever quit

The problem…



The problem with this picture isn’t the bug bites I collect like a ten year old. The problem is this is how I left the house today, with nail polish removed from just one foot. The problem is that in the chaos that is this house, I don’t have enough uninterupted time to take off my toenail polish. And the problem is, when given enough time to finish the job, I forgot I had even started.



My floors creek as I pace them. Especially with the additional weight of Keegan as we sway and turn.  There is nothing I can do tonight to keep him asleep, the whole house is on edge, and I look out the windows, wondering how deep this well of capability really is. Some ass pulls his truck into the bar across the street, showing off his hemi or some other nonsense, as his tires yearn to grip the sand. Keegan cries again at this new sound, and I curse this corner again for the millionth time since we moved here.

Kai is grinding his teeth and I can hear the click from three rooms away.  I pass by the growing to-do list for the birthday party that I’ve tacked to the wall, and I think of calling everyone and cancelling –

These nights are so rare now, this newborn vulnerability such a fleeting trait, making itself known again nearly 12 months later.  These kind of nights will become rarer and rarer – soon I might forget what the middle of night looks like – though for now, I am well acquainted with the moonlight.