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Tomorrow, I will get up at an ungodly hour and pack a bag.  Russ and I will take the babies out of their beds, change their diapers, and then he’ll drive me to Springfield.  He needs to drive me, because apparently, the bandage I’m going to get tomorrow, is going to be so big, that I won’t be able to drive home, as it will obstruct my view.

Nothing is going to hurt tomorrow – perhaps a pinch when they anesthetize the area – but I got a tattoo once, and this I figure, will hurt less.  Tomorrow will be a long day – one where I need to pack a lunch, they say. I will spend most of the day waiting, to see what has been taken away, and what remains. I am bringing magazines and books to read – I am looking forward to the quiet.

Last night I dreamt that not even my bangs were going to cover the scar that was left behind – proof positive that sometimes my concerns about my health are outweighed by my vanity.  This thing, it’s really nothing – except another hurdle to get over – but I used to do that too. Hurdle. 100 or 300 meters at a time. I wasn’t very good – but I always crossed the finish line.

suck it Mercury


Battle ReadyLook little Red planet.  You usually manage just three retrogrades a year — and everytime you do – you screw with me so bad — But this year – four retrogrades.  Come on —

You with your ash spewin’ volanoes and your oil spills in the hurricane weary Gulf – and your car bombs in Times square.  You with you knockin’ around some of my dearest friends and family, and giving Kai mono, and Keegan ear infections, oh, and the incessant teething.  You with your basal cell carcinoma and Mohs surgery, and your dental extractions.  You Mercury – for the next two retrogrades, I will be battling you with lip gloss, hilights, and dark sunglasses.

little bit of cancer


One in four people get’s cancer in their lifetimes, so I’m took one for team Bernier/Pitre and and got diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma yesterday.

Last week Friday I went into the dermatologist to get a baseline on all my moles – and to have the scar on my forehead checked – to see if I could get a little microdermabrasion – since the damn thing has been around since I was 17.  And even though five years ago, an old curmudgeon of a dermatologist told me there was nothing that could be done for it, I was having hope that this new, young, woman doc. would have something innovative for me.

What happened though, sort of blew me away.  I mentioned the spot to the nurse, and she asked me some questions that I found myself answering yes to.  The doc. came in, took one look at my forehead, and let me know that she was going to biopsy it.  What really rendered me wordless (seriously), was the conversation that followed the procedure that seemed had seem  so routine. The doc.  sat down, and explained that she believed I had a Basal Cell Carcinoma, that it was the couch potatoes of cancers, as it just wants to sit around and get bigger, not infect other things or get up and move.  She said it would need to be removed. She explained the surgery, and how things would heal and scar later.

There are some people who would just go through this whole thing and not say much to anyone – but this damn wound is going to be in the middle of my forehead — And let’s be honest here, I’m not one for keeping quiet about much of anything.

This week I wore Russ’ BoSox hat all week to cover the biospy site (sorry Pops).  But I can’t wear hats for the rest of my life. And yeah I’m using the blog, so I don’t have this conversation like 80 times – because the word Cancer scares the hell out of folks (rightfully so) – Somehow it’s easier just to type this out, put all the fears to rest, and be done with it in some strokes on the keyboard.The people who have been the greatest about this, are the two folks who I talked to who have gone through this before.  They have the best,  most realistic point of view, offering advice about choosing docs, minimizing scars, and rethinking my sun exposure.  Somewhere in my thought process,  I figure documenting this here, will help the next nervous person who Googles “Basal Skin Carcinoma”

Eh, I was getting sick of airbrushing photos of me anyhoo – Bangs are in style this season, right?