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Because if you don’t laugh . . .


Two conversations, in which my tone was terse and bedtime ready. I had been dodging their idonwannnagetreadyforbed volleys for going on an hour — Robotically getting them cleaned, and dressed, and attending to their oral hygiene — I tucked them in – Gave them appropriate cover, and handed over perfunctory kisses.  When all seemed settled, I started turning lights off  around the apartment and discovered — Read the rest of this entry

Cooking Mojo



When your cooking mojo returns –
when it returns it will be sometime near midnight,
on a Thursday,
there will be vegetables that were picked by someone you know,
just a few days earlier.
They are leftover from a  dinner, where you were reminded that you feed people.
And at nearly midnight, on the day before Friday, you will have to make ratatouille.

Because it’s been six months that you’ve let other people feed you,
and it’s time that you start getting acquainted with your kitchen.
Remind yourself, how well you can move in this space,
how you yield utensils and knives
with grace some people reserve for dancing.

When you sit down to eat, you will not
be the kind of full of you were hoping for.
But, you won’t be nearly as hungry.



Poems Outloud – or I should be grading


I should be grading.  But I’m seeing essays even when I close my eyes, so I’m taking a break. I’m trying to get things organized around here — by around here, I mean on the site.  I’ve got some fun things in the works in terms of writing for this summer — so I’m trying to make things always workable — which I know they aren’t always now. Read the rest of this entry

Shake it Out.


Can we just talk for a half a minute. . how this song . . on a summer night, with all the windows down – is just perfect.  I mean on the highway – driving fast – with the sound of your voice travelling as quickly as the lines on the pavement — how it is just – well again, perfect.
And I am done with my graceless heart
So tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart
‘Cause I like to keep my issues drawn
It’s always darkest before the dawn.

I said.

Gawd. Damn.

30×30 – Day 16 – after the math


I’ve Got Seven Lines Before I Lose It

I fell in love with you on the Esplanade when I was just 19,
you, with your cow paths and waterways for streets,
your elegant Back Bay constructed over landfill,
your triple deckers, three up, three down- houses you can not find anywhere else.

And though, we see each other so rarely these days-
I am never more at home then when I get the first glimpse of your Pru as I pass through the AB Tolls.
Dear City of Neighborhoods, My heart is built out of the apartments I have dwelled in, and it’s belonged to you since I was 19.