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Fired up. . .ready to go. . .


Pops used to do this all the time, pack us into the car when it was still dark in the early morning, and bring us off on one adventure or another.  Off to the farmer’s market in Hartford to get all the flowers to plant after the last frost. Off to the balloon festival, to watch the balloons fill and rise with the sun. Off on a six hour drive to DC, in the middle of the night, to be first in line to get in line for tickets for a White House tour.
Today, on the only day you are allotted more sleep, we were up before dawn. Coffee was brewed, camera batteries were charged, snacks were tossed into bags. We are on the road and headed to Concord to a Sunday campaign rally.
We are bringing our busiest of boys ages three and five to see two presidents.  We might be insane, but it will be an adventure.

The Olympics – Opening Ceremonies


Coming in a smidge late here folks.  Had to see Brave after all – but – hit refresh for all the snark you can handle, and you know a little bit of American pride to come.

8:28 – Coming in with the Queen.  Looking good – but would it kill her to crack a smile.
8:35 – A piece honoring the National Health Service – with actual doctors and nurses and healthy children.  Take that America.
8:39 – Peter Pan and Harry Potter. British kiddie lit FTW.
8:40 – He Who Shall  Not Be Named, ooh scary. (Not digging the music by the way).
8:41 – Really?  Marry Poppins can take Voldermort? I dunno about that.
8:46 – I’m going with creepy Matt.
8:48 – British Humor always escapes me – Mr. Bean and Chariots of Fire? For reals?
8:57 – Tim Berners Lee?  Ah, who?
8:58 – Ooops – Mr. Berners Lee invented the internet – not like Al Gore invented, but actually came up with HTTP.  Which made it of course, possible for you to click that little link.
9:00 – Seriously, that’s all the Clapton you’re going to put in there? That rift? Shame.
9:01 – Eek. Meredith. No Singing. No no no.
9:10 Um. Sorry London, at this moment, China is kicking your arse.
9:28 And now we come to my favorite part of the night, critique countries based on their outfits for the parade of nations.
9:38 Realized Meredith is gone, and now I can listen to Mr. Costas mix metaphors for the rest of the night.
10:02 Oh, this drags on for you Mr. Costa. Are you saying you’re boring?
10:16 – No doubt, Italy wins best looking athletes. How do you get that many pretty people together in one place?
10:43 – We get it, it’s moving fast. You’ve said it forty-seven times. Seriously.
11:04 – Lots of UConn tonight. Huskies!!
11:05 – More US women than US men athletes for the first time ever. Sweet.
11:22 – I really like the doves on bikes. For real.
11:54 – Good job Sir Paul. Good job Olympic committee not letting the torch look like illicit smoking paraphernalia

Things to do instead of write your informational paper



Open document, check word count.
Check your email.
Check Facebook, while there, have conversations with your friend who you just saw at a party, your niece, and your student teacher
Oooh! Puppy.
No, no fostering puppies this week.
Pinterest. Oh pin pin pin. Crap, teacher’s blogs. . . you need to work on this paper.
Check school email to see if paper is due in the a.m. or p.m.
answer three emails.
Oh! Ten o’clock, The Newsroom is on.
Yah, you can write with this in the background.
Or blog, you can blog.


Check back to your paper between The Newsroom and True Blood.
True Blood, oh you’ve never watched that.  Vampires, they’re not annoying Twilight Vampires are they?
Ha, funny, a hate group of mixed race where every one hates vampires. Clever.
Paper.  Yah, that new paragraph sucks.
Erase whole new paragraph.

Decide your muse takes a break on Sundays. Set alarm for five. am.

VDay… Live’ish blog


9:23 smidge of angst about snow last night…. I think it has already melted. Smidge more angst about babysitter plans…. got that worked out before 9am too. Beyond manic energy right now and last night… the angst I am having right now.. it must be a mix of a whole lot of things…none of which, I think is about having to say the word pussy on stage today.
10:52 Car in Deerfield. Late. What’s new?

Took notes most of the day – as Ashfield is a place of no service.

11:05 grabbed a spot for my gear – how I have so many bags, I don’t know.  People immediately begin  make comments on my curlers – I’ve tucked them into a head wrap and now it resembles some ridiculous crown.
11:45 warm-up done, and I have more love and joy in my belly than I’ve had in a while.  I am amped, and surrounded by some amazing women.
1:05 Cue-run through down.  Hair and make-up and costume time.  Let’s be honest, there are girly parts of me – I didn’t discover till I was well in to my thirties.  I have my make-up spread out on a table, my curlers in a pile, and the tiniest of mirrors to put-on, and fix said hair and make-up.  Uninterrupted time to fuss over myself is something I savor, some little bit of self-care I rarely have time for.
1:35 Oh there’s the butterflies
1:50 Call for places. God, I love this feeling.

Live Blogging my Mama Insanity


No. No, I haven’t written much lately. Yes. Yes, my Lil’ Hater is winning.

No. No, I’m not going to tell you my favorite Pixar movies tonight.

Instead. . .

This is Perry.

He is the pet platypus of Phinneas and Ferb.

They are two adorable Disney characters who spend their summer vaction creating and inventing, and letting all the neighborhood kids in on their adventures.  Oh and Perry – their pet platypus, is actually a secret agent battling Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Yah – it’s fun. Read the rest of this entry

My Man Bernie – Live Blog


Bernie has been filibustering all day —  tuning in now — covering the high points.

6:30 pm Could not get one Republican vote to give a one time $250 check for disable vets or senior citizens, but all will gladly give a 100k tax break to millionaires.
6:32 It’s time for the American people to tell the Senate “What are you smoking?” Read the rest of this entry



6:33 – up. Ugh, how am I going to get up at this hour every day come Sept. Bag packed. Keegan’s been up for ages, Kai’s curled in a ball. Keegan doesn’t believe that a good night’s sleep is essential the night before a day of surgery.  Jerk.
6:53 – off. Bag includes three books and four magazines. Ambitious.
7:00 – DnD. Not for coffee anymore, just donuts. My grandfather laments that they no longer carry the original dunkin’ donut, you know the one that had a handle for dunking.
7:49 – in. Paper work filled out. Questions answered. I am a good forty years younger than any other patient I’ve seen so far. They’ve said skin cancer three times, and here this whole time I’ve been calling it Fred.
8:06 – numb.
8:17 – done. First pass complete. Now I wait for the pathology. If it’s clear the doc. will stitch me up.
8:39 – warning. Doc says that most of the women she sees under 40 are women who spent time in tanning booths.
9:02-waiting. Room is full of people with big white bandages. I’m having a hard time focusing to read.
9:29-Fred’s dead.
9:33-Waiting for stitches.
9:41-Nurses and I agree that if I hadn’t come prepped with books and snacks, procedure would have taken all day.
10:15 stitched. Wound is 3 centimeters. Wound sounds ridiculous. There was no battle here.
10:25 picked up by my boys. Kai is sufficiently impressed with my bandage.
Later- forehead hurts every time I move my eyebrows – this is problematic for an expressive person.   I’m not supposed to lift anything, including the boys, for the next two weeks. Not entirely sure how I’m going to pull that off, as I’ve gotten pretty good at toting them around.  Not even to lift into car-seats or out of the crib, eek.  Went grocery shopping after the surgery, as since vacation, we’ve had no food in the house. People are doing double takes, but you would too if you saw a woman, with what appeared to be a maxi-pad on her forehead.   I have a lot to do in the next week or so, and having to take it easy seems like the worst part of the whole thing — well, though, the no lifting laundry baskets things seems like a pretty decent trade-off.

live – 43 of 365


live blogging the opening ceremonies.
for fun.
until, I’m bored.

8:56 three snowboarders and a commentator who comes off creepy. I love Kelly Clark a whole bunch – she’s so BA
8:59 French. Lots of French. I should have studied harder. One minute warning? Really?
9:00 Bummer the winter games ceremonies have to be inside – you can do so much more in an open stadium. Like have a torch that looks questionable.
9:03 Pretty video feed of skiing but, I want the indoor goods.
9:04 Oh I see. from video to live – clever snowboarder.
9:08 Love the Mounties. Sharp. Also, Canada has one of the best national anthems.
9:12 So far – so ho-hum.
9:14 Oooh phallic. Read the rest of this entry