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Why I Care.


Sometimes I try to explain to people in boiled down sentences why I am pro-choice.  This is a more than difficult task.  It begins with a long-standing belief in the capability of a woman to make decisions about their own bodies in health.  It was reinforced, with college classes about the history of abortion in the world, about the AMAs  calculated  move to take birth out of the hands of the midwives and medicalization of each step of  pregnancy and birth.  It  was cemented, as I realized that abortion laws are rarely made by women, and that abortion is politicized only as a means of winning elections.

But the following, long, but very much worth it read from 2004,  is why I believe that abortion should always be a choice made by an individual woman. It is a choice that should be unhampered by politics and lawmakers or socio-economic back ground and geographic location.  unfortunately each day in this country brings us closer to a time that only existed in the past, a time when only women of privilege could gain access to abortion.

Please join me in helping to provide that equal access to abortion does not become a vestige of our past.  I will be bowling for a local team to raise funds for The National Network of Abortion Funds – Would you consider making a donation to our team?

My Late-Term Abortion

By Gretchen Voss. This article was originally published in the 1/25/04 edition of the Boston Globe Magazine and is posted with permission.

President Bush’s attempt to ban partial-birth abortions threatens all late-term procedures. But in my case, everyone said it was the right thing to do — even my Catholic father and Republican father-in-law.


Causing Trouble


So- I hate John Mayer
And he cries after sex.
Those two things are mutually exclusive.
A friend from college was rumored to have hooked
up with him back during his college days in Boston.
I asked – inebriated at a bachelorette party in nyc-
So, John Mayer really?
and she nodded back and I pushed,
wait, is your body a wonderland?
In return she grinned back, no.
–No we really only hooked up a couple of times.
Just a couple?
–Yah, see he cries after sex. Read the rest of this entry

Best Tweets of the night.


Comedic gold out there folks.



Why I will not vote for Scott Brown – an analysis based only on voting record.


This is going to be a long list and one I am going to continue to update throughout the day.  Direct references will be made to Project Vote Smart, a group that documents recorded votes. I am going to be honest, I actually could end with just one issue– I could put this one vote down, and be done — Read the rest of this entry

Today I’ll Endorse. . .


Live the blog was not – I fell asleep in the car on the way up — my phone and its battery-sucking-existence, dead while we were still in line.  The boys were done by the time we got in – but really they hung in there so well. There were thousands of people snaking up and down the closed-down streets of Concord to hear Presidents Clinton and Obama speak.  We were so far back we caught just glimpses of them.

But there was something – Read the rest of this entry

Fired up. . .ready to go. . .


Pops used to do this all the time, pack us into the car when it was still dark in the early morning, and bring us off on one adventure or another.  Off to the farmer’s market in Hartford to get all the flowers to plant after the last frost. Off to the balloon festival, to watch the balloons fill and rise with the sun. Off on a six hour drive to DC, in the middle of the night, to be first in line to get in line for tickets for a White House tour.
Today, on the only day you are allotted more sleep, we were up before dawn. Coffee was brewed, camera batteries were charged, snacks were tossed into bags. We are on the road and headed to Concord to a Sunday campaign rally.
We are bringing our busiest of boys ages three and five to see two presidents.  We might be insane, but it will be an adventure.

Open Mic – setlist


Insanely good night – good poetry – good readers – and I had a good reading.. even while I recognized the terribly solemn. . .there was  good stuff to be found.

originally posted here – 

Because When You’re Six – 

To be honest, I would like to forget, I would prefer not to remember.  I would enjoy not knowing.  I don’t want to be given some CNN, narrated by Wolf Blitzer, version of the event.

And to be honest, there’s no way I could forget feeling by 9:45am that world was bound to be ending.  People fell out of the sky. Men ran not away from, but into fires. And me, I became a grown woman by 10:22.

That day was perfect, blue skies in Boston, as far as you could see.  And while I was downing a coffee to erase a Monday night Jack and Coke bender,  I remember smiling as I rounded the corner on to Huntington ave.

But then  within minutes, in only the time it took to start a computer, every email I sent to someone I knew in NYC said, “are you okay, is everyone you know okay?”

Every phone line was jammed, I woke my brother in my mother’s house, and said “turn on the tv”.

The Harvard docs we intended to send to Atlanta out of Logan that day — – so we were afraid –had come back to our conference room – and I watched grown men with PhD’s shatter.

When released from work, like most of Boston that day, The paper box on the corner held the Globe’s first Extra in fifty years.  “War” is all it spoke.

And the walk out to the bus stop, the free bus ride home, it was as if Boston had been abandoned, because every doc who worked in the medical area that day, had caught a ride to NYC, because they thought there would be more wounded, more survivors.

I walked into a six bedroom house full of all those people, my family by circumstance, not birth.  More home at that minute, than it had ever been before.

And that TV that I said to turn on, stayed on for days, and my heart  hurt for every mother, father, wife, husband, and child.  My heart hurt for my grandfather who was no longer bordering on stupendous.

Dan Rather lost it on Letterman, and I lost it too. Wondered how anyone managed to live through anything like this with all  of their heart intact.

The half a pack-of smokes began to border on a whole, the two beers, became more, and I was dying to be able to wave a magic wand, and stop all those kids from being shipped away to fight a war in some frat boy’s passion play.

Forget, how could I – how could anyone, when four planes managed to rip out the heart of our Constitution, and deliver us an Act so Patriotic, that we began to question the Quakers in Maine.

Not remember, how would I – when it was just people going to work, and doing their jobs,  like I did that day. Except mine was the just the city they flew the planes out of, not into.

So pardon me, if I don’t let the media get one more ad buy from my viewing today. Pardon me, if I sound a little bitter, but, there’s not a person over 13 who can’t tell you where they were that day–

“We had gone to Atkins for a field-trip for Preschool, Ms. B, to get  cider donuts , but we had to come home, and eat our donuts on the bus. That’s what I remember Ms. B”.

Ms. B, I thought it was our Northampton airport that it happened at – though the planes had crashed there, silly huh, Ms. B?”

Not so silly – because when your six, your world gets to be that small.

So if I tell you that my heart still breaks, that I still hold my breath when a plane flies too low, and that I still get tears when I see a fireman in NYC, If I tell you all that, then, will you just let me be,  will you just let me forget.


“I’m no longer just a candidate. I’m the President.”


Honestly, it has always been the fact that I believe Obama is a man who has humility, who is mindful of his power, and who is deliberate in his leadership that I’ve been glad to campaign for him, vote for him, and support him in his presidency. The following is my favorite part of the speech.

“And while I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together, I’m far more mindful of my own failings, knowing exactly what Lincoln meant when he said, “I have been driven to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that I had no place else to go.”

“But as I stand here tonight, I have never been more hopeful about America. Not because I think I have all the answers. Not because I’m naïve about the magnitude of our challenges.

“I’m hopeful because of you. “

So lovely. Honestly – there were many noted  moments of exceptionalism but, it is in humility that we learn the true measure of a person.

Returning to the political —


Oh you’re wondering what unions have brought you in the last 100 years – Well there is –

Super Tuesday Flashback


Kai came to vote, just two days shy of his first birthday. Yah I know… my boys… twins born two years apart.

When we got home I uploaded the picture to CNNs Super Tuesday iReport stream.  And then, within a half hour – I got a phone call. The PA and I had a lovely chat, and he said he would get our photo up within the hour, or at the latest, the next morning.  It never did air… but I took a picture of the caller ID anyhoo – you know – because I’m that kind of nerd.

Four years goes by awful fast….