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Pearl Jam and Poetry Events in Haiku form-Because — Becuase I can


Yellow Ledbetter
Windows rolled down summer wind
drive through the sound waves.

Cohosting on stage
Killer open mic, followed
by Worcester Slam team.

Road trip over hills
GennaRose to feature, then I
will compete  in  the  slam 


Sunday List


This week, was lovely, and a little bit idgy. I don’t do down-time well, I don’t know what to do with my brain, given enough hours on its own, it starts over-analyzing the crap out of things. I’ve been trying like hell to keep the hamster in the wheel as busy as possible, but it hasn’t been working.  I mean you would think throwing an impromptu fourth of July/ birthday part for twenty-five people would be enough – but nope by two on the 5th, it was back on the wheel.  Class starts tomorrow though. I will be more than busy for the next three weeks.

Summer To-Do
last update –  July 1st.  Read the rest of this entry



So I made a summer to-do list – and I’ve been working on it. And ten days in, I feel like I’m doing pretty good. I also know, that with this summer game, it is entirely too easy to fall off course, so for only my own edification, I’m going to spend one day a week going over the shite I have planned.

Summer To-Do
last update – June 22nd

  • Write every day.  Then blog it.Done. Done. Done. 
  • Get exercise three days a week. Eh. Once – Hiking – hiking a whole bunch of miles, but still – need to be more regular about this. This week I am committing to take at least one yoga class, and go for at least one walk. Read the rest of this entry

Oh, hey, how you doin’ – or – summer to-do list.


Yah that was supposed to sound like Joey – yah, the one from Friends. Yah, I haven’t written in two months.  Yah, I’m not sure what I had to say or not say. But here I am writing again. Making a list, because, well, you have to break the writers block some way, and well, I like lists. . . a lot . . like a whole lot.

Summer To-Do

Yah, that should do for today.

Intentions, revisited


So, I said I would do yoga and read this summer. I am reading.  Four or five books at a time – I’m almost done with one.  The yoga got waylaid.  The baby was sick for almost two weeks before the Cape and surgery, and then, I was told no exercising while I healed – who knew?  Anyhoo, I’m clearing myself to start tomorrow.  Tomorrow at 4:45 – looking forward to getting my proverbial assed kicked.



12 weeks till I find myself as a working mom. Yah yah, I know, a working out of the house mom. Lord knows, I’m thinking September will feel a bit like a vacation. But between now and then I have just two things I want to make as much of a habit, as I have made blogging –

One – reading- I used to read books like no one’s business – and now, I read web pages, and status updates. I have a coffee table full of books to read – the stuff I though I would have been reading all along this year – but not so much.  So this summer is it.

Two – Yoga – starting Tuesday, I’m hitting up a yoga a class every weekday that I’m in town and not in surgery. This is an entirely arbitrary goal – not even something I care all that much about, but I’ve decided that I could use some practice at being present and using my breath – so there it is – Yoga on weekdays.

And if by the end of the week I haven’t started either of these tasks, I’ll just come back here and edit this piece, as if it was never here.

days go by – 17 of 365


overcast. rain than sleet than snow. temperature at 11:38 pm, 34°

Sunday List

  • made some bread.
  • bought materials for sourdough stater.
  • made beans.

still need to,

  • work a garden plan
  • make overnight oatmeal
  • make cookies

In other news,  Keegan is seven months and has two teeth, when last week he had none.  Kai is so ready for school, he talks about going to school every day. Me, I just faint every time I see the tuition costs for preschool.

New Year – 1 of 365


cloudy then sunny then cloudy again.  flurries.  temp at 3 pm, 34 degrees.

Resolutions Things to do

  • Keep moving towards a sustainable lifestyle
  • Explore frugality
  • Declutter my work life
  • Stop tolerating the abuse I inflict on my body (poor nutrition, poor sleep,  poor exercise routine)
  • Blog 365
  • Project 365 (a picture a day)

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