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30 Days of Lists – Day Sixteen


Yah, I’m a little behind – That’s okay – this one though, I needed to do – because  if I could learn how to do everything – well I would. But now, now I have a list of four things I want to do – and that’s enough for today.

How to:

Build a Tiny House

Do Calculus

Learn the Constellations

30 Days of Lists – Day Seven



A bit ago I came up with this list — 

But then, when actual midnight rolled around, I had none – NONE of those things on hand.  But I did have what I needed to make these.


What are those?  Those delicious, toasty, things are just a few ingredients, thrown together, smooshed on  top of cheap grocery store bread, and broiled for a few minutes.  And look, if you have any – I repeat, any- squeamishness about calories,  or fat content or you know, mayonnaise do not look at the recipe. If instead, you indulge your gluttonous side from time to time, and want to know the secret of the best midnight snack ever — by all means — click-through.


Thirty Days of Lists – Day Two



For a little help on this list I will go to. . .

1. C25k Podcasts – or this App

2. I am using Google Calendar for appointments, and this for my teacher life, and then this other app that reminds me to do things

3. Mint, I’m not mad at Mint any more.

4. I think more- just keep going.  Though, I need to keep Tuesdays free — it’s too good for my heart to miss it more than one week in a row.

5. Oh, fuck if I know.