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Really (really), Bad Basketball Poetry


Not sure which is worse, the poetry or the bball play last night — but I’m going to revel in the horrendous  of both- and repost my Facebook feed  poem in progress from last night.

Tucked the kids, dressed in their UConn tees into bed –
with visions of Shabzz and the big dance in their heads. Read the rest of this entry

Basketball is my allegory for everything.


The hardest part Papa – is that you and I haven’t always had the greatest relationship.  In retrospect this is most likely due to the fact that we are more alike than I’ve ever been willing to admit.  Pig headed, loud, and self involved– easy to anger, easily frustrated, easily distracted. But then, we have good things in common too. We know you need to work hard, and play hard. We like our music turned up in the car, we like to dance in kitchens, we both like a shot of tequilla now and again.  We read the paper from cover to cover. We like snacks.  We have passion, and conviction, we stand strong, if not rigid in our beliefs. We know that there is nothing in front of family – and that friends that have been kicking around since we were ten, or twenty something, are just like family too.  And, and, we love our sports teams. Read the rest of this entry

still posting


Still feeling like I’m slugging through some stuff right now. Working on some pieces of myself – – little bits of change at a time — right now I’ll continue to blog every day – I have so much to share — like how I’ve decided that people really have more in common with each other than they know — and it would be nice if they could just get beyond the labels and get to see each other. . .

Oh and Go Huskies! 78 wins in a row, back to back NCAA champions! That’s my UConn!!