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And so begins the fasting.


Not from food, are you crazy? Do you know me? No, so begins the occasional news media fast.  Perhaps fast isn’t the right word — more like a cleanse. You know like the master cleanse, where all you drink is that maple syrup, lemony, hot pepper infused water.  Except I will just be down to the newspaper, because maple syrup, lemony, hot pepper infuse water sounds like a bad idea.

The longest I have gone through one of these is three weeks. I am thinking about going a month — because I need to wean myself off of the political spin machine, the analyzing, and the constant drone of everything I heard just a minute ago.

In, Poetry Books, (I am working on more of Frank O’Hara’s Collected, also Billy Collins most recent, (though it’s over a year old),  Horoscopes for the Dead.

Out, Local, evening tv news.
In, local newspaper

Out, HuffPo
In, more writing and blogging about things that are non-political.

Out, Sunday morning news shows
In, more recipe culling. I am looking to reduce my grocery bill as much as I can over the next month – liking these two sites for new and cheap ideas

Out, Real Time with Bill Maher
In, Reading Novels, I have Vonnegut and Lamb half done on my night stand.  Oh and the new JK Rowling for book club.

Out, NPR
In, new music, as much as I can find, have I mentioned how in love I am with this guy right now? Oh, I have. Cool.


The Good Stuff – And the Old Stuff.


So, I spend a  fair amount of time in the social media sphere – and this week, I spent three nights in bed with my laptop on one side, my phone in the other, and the DNC on till almost midnight.  But I also read about football, and Hunger Action Month, and I did a happy dance when I saw a new poem from one of my favorites.  So that’s all here, along with some music. If you’ve come here for my old crap, scroll to the bottom for all of that.

Good stuff I’ve found this week-

First Sunday of  regular season football – and a nice little article about who to stash on your fantasy football bench till mid season

Speaking of football – you must read this – The Viking’s Chris Kluwe defending The Raven’s Brendon Ayanbadejo for standing up in support  same-sex marriage – This shit is brilliant.

Billy Collins has a new poem out in Poetry Magazine.  Swoon.

Ten really bad movies on Mental_Floss

Terrifying fair foods from HuffPo (I have horrifying Friday with my kids at school where I show them weird things from the inter-webs for five mins at the end of class. I watched the fried butter video in this piece with each class, and each time I felt ill for another hour after. You’ve been warned).

Conversely, it’s Hunger Action Month – and one of my two favorite local charities, The Western Mass Food Bank has a calendar for September of things you can do to help the food insecure in your area.

The music I can’t stop listening to-

The one that makes me cry – every.time. Even though I say it won’t, and then it does. But I’ve listened to it eighty-seven times this week anyhoo –

The one that makes me smile every time – so I listen to it right after Florence makes me sob. I haven’t stopped listening to this for two weeks straight. Insanely good.

Best blurbs of the week-

This time last year on Happy Valley Mama –

Sunset in the Valley Haiku

No Limits

Friday Afternoon Haiku

Two years ago –

Guest Blogger


Things I’ll Make Today

The ants and the grasshopper.

The Best Cigarette


Once, I went to AP camp. AP camp is where teachers go to learn to teach AP courses. It is terribly nerdy – but there is free beer after five – and so – it’s also kind of perfect. In class on the second day, we were talking about teaching poetry – and reading a Collins’ poem, and this guy to the right of me said, “God, I hate Collins” – and in my head I thought,

“right, so we’ll never be friends.”  

As former smoker – this poem talks about everything I miss about smoking — you know, that nasty,  horrible, absolutely perfect, wonderful habit.