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Ten days ago, I was dipping my toes in the Mediterranean,  and soaking up the sun of Barcelona in an outside cafe, while sipping coffee, in a square a few hundred years old, and  watching my students learn to love a new place.

Seven days ago, people on the other line of a cell phone who sounded a million miles away, told me there was only a fifty-fifty shot my father would make it through the night.  They told me to come fast.

Six days ago, they told me he would be off the vent in a day.

Three days ago, I held my son while they drew his blood, from his tiny little arms, because the peanut, is getting lighter.

Two days ago, a nurse started being more straight with me than all the nurses before.  The pneumonia is menacing, the vent isn’t going anywhere.

Yesterday, I was told my gram might just have days to live.

Today, I was told maybe it might be longer.

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two things 6 of 365


cloudy. bits of sun. temperature at 11:08 pm 24°


For a cell phone from a stranger in a parking lot.  Even though I had just come out of the dark, and trounced over two snow banks to get to a phone at the Chinese restaurant.

That the tire burst on rt.  9 while barely going thirty, and not on the pike on his way to work tomorrow, going far more than seventy.