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Kickstarter Update- the part where I’m not too proud to beg.


It is summer vacation. Summer, beaches and camping and poetry.

Wait. What?

Well yah, this summer I’m devoting good chunks of the next several weeks to getting my chapbook done.  In anticipation of that I launched a Kickstater to help cover the printing costs. The coolest part of the whole thing… I got my tiny little project funded in under two weeks.

So now I’m calling it my chapbook pre-order project.  Will you, dear readers consider helping to grow my Kickstarter fund- help me clear the way of the fees and whatnot — perhaps enable me to have a fancy binding on my tiny little chapbook?  There are rewards left at every level

And if nothing else, stop by and check out the video – I mean – I actually get bleedped for my filthy mouth. It’s awesome.

Kick Start My Heart Here (sorry I managed to go two weeks without using that).