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8. drink coffee



My favorite info-graphic from SoulPancake lists drinking coffee as one of its 29 way to stay creative.  Well.  If so, I’m brimming with creativeness.  And really, with just two hours left to get funds into my KickStarter, I can’t tell you if it is creativity I’m feeling or dread.

I mean- Guess what I have to do now? I have to publish this project. I have to do work, I have to finish the cover photo set up, I have to edit and edit and edit, I have to – breathe.  Because, see this KickStarter hasn’t just given me the funds to make this project a reality — but a spark of faith in myself.

Thing is, there were enough folks out there who had enough faith in me to go ahead and throw me some dough — and really in honor of that faith – I’ve got to finish this baby up.  And that is – scary, and overwhelming, and wonderful, and just awesome, all at the same damn time.

Thank you people, just thank you – for reading, for coming out to see my work on Tuesdays, for breathing life into me through your support — That is no overstretched metaphor.  That – that is just the truth. 





Still haven’t pre-ordered a book yet?  You’ve got 111 minutes to do so  here —  110.








These weeks


My new year starts now.
Tomorrow, early up, get a run in,
( I mean that is the plan),
pack up the boys,
and walk in with the two crates of work I meant to do this summer.
But let’s be honest,
(if that’s what we’re going to do),
I haven’t touched those suckers since I put them in my bedroom,
sometime near the end of June.
Not sure how long I will last tomorrow.
Be it an hour or six, to set up the rhythm,
maybe I’ll wait to make my coffee till I get there.
So that the room smells of the deeply roasted
french pressed coffee, I require to put my teacher face on.

But I end this year tentative –
After a summer worth talking about.
It is rare for me to not be excited about the fall,
about the crisp settling in-
about the colors changing,
about apples measured in pecks and bushels.
about the prospects of shoes.
I mean, I won’t wear shoes that require socks or stockings till –
perhaps October the first,
so long it has been that I have lived in New England,
and believe that one should expose their manicured toes,
till at least the oaks start to turn.

But no, I am not thrilled for this new year,
this is a bit of dread.
And I’m not sure if it’s because the energetic one
begins his new school-
but then, the small one does too.
Perhaps, it is because, like every summer,
I feel like I haven’t even begun to finish all I meant to do.
Or maybe there is a darker shade of grey,
no not the book I avoided all summer,
(because dammit,I get my smut from a third wave feminist magazine)-
Maybe there is something darker besides the night that grows longer.
Or perhaps, after eight years of grown-up September,
I’m just not ready to let my summer go.