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Something to Run to.


When I ran my first race, I was fifteen years old.  It was at HK High School on their indoor track, a track that measured just 100 meters. I ran around it ten times for a total of 1000 meters.  I don’t remember where I placed. Fifth maybe- my lungs burned, my legs were all weak when I was done. I had used all I had to get through that race.  When I was done, my coach grabbed my shoulders and said, “you did good Tara B. You did good”. Read the rest of this entry

5k ready – songs to run to.


Sometimes I laugh at how much I get ready for something.  So often I get wrapped up in planning and forget about the moment.  Right now though, I’m really loving getting ready for my new workout schedule – and I’m trying really hard to remove all the things that might be obstacles for doing this 5k in December.  So I have shoes that are comfortable, and clothes that fit. I have a bag to pack to go to the gym, and I have worked out a time for this whole thing.  I thought a week ago, I could go running with the kiddos, but there is just no way that after school I have it in me to pack them up, and do some laps.  Of course I didn’t realize this till I blew off running every day this week.  So – the best time, the time when the kid are sleeping and not my responsibility to drop off at day care is on Mon. Wed and Fri. at you know, 5am. The Y opens at 5:30, I can be there when doors open, and be on a treadmill by 5:35 I figure.  That leaves me plenty of time for a run and a shower before heading off to work.   I still have to plan on a bunch of breakfast to pack so I don’t hit the bakery on the way to school.   I also have worked out a plan for running so I don’t give up to early – This summer I had planned to do yoga every day for six weeks, until I realized that after my surgery I wasn’t supposed to bend for six weeks.  This time around though, I’m cleared for all things physical, and I’m working the couch to 5k plan, and even have an app for my phone to measure progress.

Seriously, I’m ready. I told my first period class about it too – I put it out there, so they could hold me to it. And make fun of me on those days I miss.  And just for fun today, I built a mosh of fun workout music – which interestingly includes a goodly amount of tunes from a time where I could actually run a mile around the track in a respectable time.  So yah, here I come 5am – an in-shape morning person I shall be. 

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