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8. drink coffee



My favorite info-graphic from SoulPancake lists drinking coffee as one of its 29 way to stay creative.  Well.  If so, I’m brimming with creativeness.  And really, with just two hours left to get funds into my KickStarter, I can’t tell you if it is creativity I’m feeling or dread.

I mean- Guess what I have to do now? I have to publish this project. I have to do work, I have to finish the cover photo set up, I have to edit and edit and edit, I have to – breathe.  Because, see this KickStarter hasn’t just given me the funds to make this project a reality — but a spark of faith in myself.

Thing is, there were enough folks out there who had enough faith in me to go ahead and throw me some dough — and really in honor of that faith – I’ve got to finish this baby up.  And that is – scary, and overwhelming, and wonderful, and just awesome, all at the same damn time.

Thank you people, just thank you – for reading, for coming out to see my work on Tuesdays, for breathing life into me through your support — That is no overstretched metaphor.  That – that is just the truth. 





Still haven’t pre-ordered a book yet?  You’ve got 111 minutes to do so  here —  110.









1. Make Lists


Do you know SoulPancake?  You should know them. Click on the link.  Click on the picture, check them out.
Here is my list this week of things to do on my project. I know – boring, but boring — well — These are the mundane details that lead to the next thing –

  1. Pick through already written work, decide what goes in the book what gets tossed
  2. rehearse new pieces for recording
  3. set up times  for recording
  4. decide if I’m going to have any instrumentation on the disc
  5. set up site for hosting audio recordings so qr codes can go right in the book
  6. start thinking about cover art
  7. CD art?
  8. double check prices on cd reproduction?
  9. Talk to printers in town about binding options
  10. edit
  11. keep editing
  12. schedule a launch, a reading, a something –
  13. test out some new pieces at other open mics

Tomorrow, I will tackle something from the todo list and something from the creative list — Be creative with me – then talk about it, and then tell some one else to come along —

No excuses.