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Keegan Jay, or how to beat writer’s block seventeen syllables at a time


I haven’t been writing — because shit is hard. There’s too much to write down, to get out, and unless I become a fiction writer soon — that is just start making things up… I’m going to have to get past this writer’s block.  I’ve written a whole lot of haiku in the last few years, like, a whole a lot, a lot.  And really, if I can’t manage seventeen syllables a day — well I might as well start tossing the writer’s notebooks.
So for my baby, on his birthday —

Five years past, and you,
were just an idea, But now,
always my sweet Keegs.

Pearl Jam and Poetry Events in Haiku form-Because — Becuase I can


Yellow Ledbetter
Windows rolled down summer wind
drive through the sound waves.

Cohosting on stage
Killer open mic, followed
by Worcester Slam team.

Road trip over hills
GennaRose to feature, then I
will compete  in  the  slam