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Why I Care.


Sometimes I try to explain to people in boiled down sentences why I am pro-choice.  This is a more than difficult task.  It begins with a long-standing belief in the capability of a woman to make decisions about their own bodies in health.  It was reinforced, with college classes about the history of abortion in the world, about the AMAs  calculated  move to take birth out of the hands of the midwives and medicalization of each step of  pregnancy and birth.  It  was cemented, as I realized that abortion laws are rarely made by women, and that abortion is politicized only as a means of winning elections.

But the following, long, but very much worth it read from 2004,  is why I believe that abortion should always be a choice made by an individual woman. It is a choice that should be unhampered by politics and lawmakers or socio-economic back ground and geographic location.  unfortunately each day in this country brings us closer to a time that only existed in the past, a time when only women of privilege could gain access to abortion.

Please join me in helping to provide that equal access to abortion does not become a vestige of our past.  I will be bowling for a local team to raise funds for The National Network of Abortion Funds – Would you consider making a donation to our team?

My Late-Term Abortion

By Gretchen Voss. This article was originally published in the 1/25/04 edition of the Boston Globe Magazine and is posted with permission.

President Bush’s attempt to ban partial-birth abortions threatens all late-term procedures. But in my case, everyone said it was the right thing to do — even my Catholic father and Republican father-in-law.


The Well-Marked Trail


Yesterday, yesterday I was behind two people younger and far more in shape than me, as we made our way through part of the Robert Frost Trail.  I’ll be honest, if you were my friend, and you asked, “Tara, what would you like to do tomorrow, on your day off, while the kids are in day care, and the sun is shining?” Sitting in the garden at Esselon would probably be my first answer – while doing nearly seven miles of hills and dales, my last.  It’s not that I don’t dig nature – or love a pretty look-out, or enjoy  conversations that meander like the trail –but hiking, it makes me feel old. Read the rest of this entry

Oh, hey, how you doin’ – or – summer to-do list.


Yah that was supposed to sound like Joey – yah, the one from Friends. Yah, I haven’t written in two months.  Yah, I’m not sure what I had to say or not say. But here I am writing again. Making a list, because, well, you have to break the writers block some way, and well, I like lists. . . a lot . . like a whole lot.

Summer To-Do

Yah, that should do for today.

a completely random and assorted list of the crap I am thinking about right now

  • I am getting another tattoo.  Yes it has been 16 years since the last one. Yes, I might have to realize that I am no longer 19. But no, I don’t care.

suck it Mercury


Battle ReadyLook little Red planet.  You usually manage just three retrogrades a year — and everytime you do – you screw with me so bad — But this year – four retrogrades.  Come on —

You with your ash spewin’ volanoes and your oil spills in the hurricane weary Gulf – and your car bombs in Times square.  You with you knockin’ around some of my dearest friends and family, and giving Kai mono, and Keegan ear infections, oh, and the incessant teething.  You with your basal cell carcinoma and Mohs surgery, and your dental extractions.  You Mercury – for the next two retrogrades, I will be battling you with lip gloss, hilights, and dark sunglasses.