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High school sports are where the good stuff happens


High school football on a beautiful Saturday – and a kid does something like this.  This is the Stafford Bulldogs, of Stafford, CT,  the team, my brother Corey Bernier, is the head coach for –  Follow the link and watch the WR/RB hurdle the defense — so good. Hurdling Defender

Something to Run to.


When I ran my first race, I was fifteen years old.  It was at HK High School on their indoor track, a track that measured just 100 meters. I ran around it ten times for a total of 1000 meters.  I don’t remember where I placed. Fifth maybe- my lungs burned, my legs were all weak when I was done. I had used all I had to get through that race.  When I was done, my coach grabbed my shoulders and said, “you did good Tara B. You did good”. Read the rest of this entry