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some words —


Since 2009 I have given three eulogies.  Some people will never have to give one – and me, I’ve stood up three times in the last two and a half years to deliver words of longing and grief.  It is a task that I have, unfortunately, nearly gotten used to.

So it was with great honor and with  feeling like things might be changing – that I gladly accepted the Pro-Merito’s invitation to speak at their induction last week.

It is so much more fun to be able to stand up and say words of encouragement, as opposed to telling stories that make people cry. Read the rest of this entry

top five


top five cool things about today

-Everything went without a hitch, we got everywhere on time, and without getting lost

-the Duck Tour guy was my neighbor on Shannon St.

-turns out I like the movie Zombie Land

-The staff at Kings, thought we were the nicest high school group ever

-I was reminded that I work at the greatest school, pretty much anywhere, about 80 times today.