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The Miserable Electric Companies


This was posted to FB earlier tonight.

Has CL&P fixed my f’in power yet. 

Here in the Valley, we’ve had a tough week.  But in Connecticut, they’ve had a miserable week. Just awful.  63% of my home town is still without power. Seven days later — that’s insane. I know this is the worst loss of power Connecticut has seen since Hurricane Gloria in 1985, but good lord, seven days, and more than half of your customers still don’t have service. Come. ON! And while there are really good folks out there working their asses off for their neighbors,  the people who have the power to do the most seem to be doing the least.

Thoughts? Am I being too tough on the electric companies.  I know here in Mass. folks have their own complaints about WEMCO, but there just doesn’t seem to be the same outcry here as there is in our neighbor to the south.

Not for nothing, but I really think CL&P, with all apologies to our furry friends, screwed the pooch on this one.

Update: I wanted to include a few more links about what I’m talking about in terms of CL&P not doing what they should be doing –

CL&P Union Leaders: Staffing Too Low, Executive Pay Too High

Meteorologists Dispute Forecast Claims





To be prepared


A quick rundown of what we are doing to prepare for the 79mph+ winds forecasted for Irene’s arrival here in the Happy Valley –

1. Drinking water, a gallon a day per person, theoretically enough for four days. Stop & Shop has Poland Spring, 2.5 gallon containers on Sale for 2/$5.00. If anything, this storm is going to be annoying, in that we may lose power for a few days.  The Northeast is crowded, and the electrical grid is packed, if this hits NYC and Boston, lord knows, WMECO isn’t going to be able to get the help it had in the past to fix the grid (the HillTown ice storm, June 1st tornado),  folks might be without power for a few days. In fact most of my tips have to do with dealing without power. Read the rest of this entry

Rambling on the 25th of August


My grandmother and her twin brother were born on her sister’s birthday in 1924.   In 1956 (’55?), my grandmother gave birth to her fifth son.  Whole lot of Niederwerfers on the 25th of August. Five summers ago, when she would have been 82, and just showing her age, my dad drove Gram and Grampa up here to visit me, and have some lunch in my new-to-me-house.  After lunch we went to get ice cream, something if you’re a Bernier, you just do, as if you just tie your shoes, and drove up a river road, that while fifty miles north of where Gram grew up, looks a whole like that place.  I told my family about the floods and hurricanes of  ’38, ’39 and ’55, and how the dykes were built later to prevent a whole lot of flooding of my town and the one we used to be part of across the river.  Well, a part of, until the folks on this side got sick of crossing the river to go to church, so they built their own, you know 340 years ago. Read the rest of this entry