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Something I’ve been meaning to do all week


So – I didn’t blog all year-long.    I did blog every day till I started back to work and I did though – blog 273 days. I’m okay with this. In the course of New Year resolutions – I did pretty okay with this one.  In the meantime, I’ve gained a smidge of readership, and some sort of voice – and a bonus bit of confidence in my writing.

I thought for fun, I might make a few lists as I get back around in the new years swing of things.  I would like to tell you I’m immune to the freshness of a new calendar laid out in front of me – blank with possibility.  But I’m not  – not even a little bit –  though, granted, because I’m a teacher, my calendar has two beginning and endings a year, and two moments of planning and reflection. Read the rest of this entry

this one’s for the mamas


Kimya Dawson has insane hair, and a hell of a sense of mommy-hood.  You might know her from her prominence on the soundtrack of Juno, or you might know her because like me,  you love, love,  love,  her kid’s album Alphabutt.  I heard this tune this evening and it made me think of all of my mama friends. It is so the story of my days with my boys, and just the in and outs of caring for a littlin.  So to all my mamas with very wee ones, and getting bigger every day ones,  my mamas with toddling ones and pre-schooling ones, and even my mamas with almost, nearly grown up ones, this tune is for you