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8. drink coffee



My favorite info-graphic from SoulPancake lists drinking coffee as one of its 29 way to stay creative.  Well.  If so, I’m brimming with creativeness.  And really, with just two hours left to get funds into my KickStarter, I can’t tell you if it is creativity I’m feeling or dread.

I mean- Guess what I have to do now? I have to publish this project. I have to do work, I have to finish the cover photo set up, I have to edit and edit and edit, I have to – breathe.  Because, see this KickStarter hasn’t just given me the funds to make this project a reality — but a spark of faith in myself.

Thing is, there were enough folks out there who had enough faith in me to go ahead and throw me some dough — and really in honor of that faith – I’ve got to finish this baby up.  And that is – scary, and overwhelming, and wonderful, and just awesome, all at the same damn time.

Thank you people, just thank you – for reading, for coming out to see my work on Tuesdays, for breathing life into me through your support — That is no overstretched metaphor.  That – that is just the truth. 





Still haven’t pre-ordered a book yet?  You’ve got 111 minutes to do so  here —  110.








When everything is going just as it should –

 But Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted. 
 What happened? 
He lived happily ever after.
                                  – Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

I had a hell of a teaching week last week.  Things were not going in my classroom how I wanted them.  Students were behaving outside of my classroom, and perhaps in it, in ways that disappointed me.  This coupled with the fact that we remain a district with an interim superintendent, a principal who leaves in two weeks, and no contract to speak of, well let’s just say there was some drinking done last weekend.

Also,  my students got the business from me a time or two in the last week.  At the end of one of my self-righteous lectures. . . A student raised her hand, politely, as she was sure I could still bite.
“Ms. B, have you ever thought of recording those rants, they sound a whole lot like poems”. Read the rest of this entry

Advice from English majors


She tells me, “one thing at a time”.
She believes that all stories
get the ending they are supposed to,
She has to.
Underneath the all-business facade, Read the rest of this entry



I got into education to teach,
to spin stories, weave tales, and inspire.
Not realizing, just how far I would reach,
To meet state mandates and keep check my ire.

They ask teachers and schools to race to the top,
these politicians who have never taught.
Shilling their grand initiatives which flop,
Swear their votes for big business aren’t bought.

So we gather the evidence tentatively,
to shown growth and goals to be met yearly.
Just paper work gathered selectively,
we have nothing better to do, clearly.

But come morning,  still stand before the class,
teach the kiddos, with my own brand of sass.

Thirty Days of Lists – List One


A friend from home had been posting lists everyday – and by Friday I couldn’t  resist any more. Lists are my thing, they are everywhere, little slips of paper, little missives from my earlier self, tucked in notebooks. They are my favorite thing to write.

September is my least favorite time to write.  I can barely get paragraphs out, so occupied is my brain with the beginning of school.  So this challenge from Thirty Days of Lists is good for me.  A little bit of writing, a little bit of crafting, a little bit of photography is just what I need to suss through the writer’s block.

And sure, don’t mind me if I am starting 22 days behind.

List #1 – I

  •  They are evidence of work done
  • or work not done.
  • They are parties planned
  • or meals made.
  • They remind me what I want
  • or what I need.
  • There is satisfaction in a list completed
  • or just a list created

unconfessional poet.


Confessional poetry  is a problem.
I mean, I want to be just like Sylvia and Annie,
(as if the three of us just sat down to lunch yesterday),
and get down with the courses of verses I could lay on the page.
But I’m not all that ready for everyone to
know the level of insane that I harbor. Read the rest of this entry

Haiku – three ways


Dear Babysitter,
thank you for taking such care
so I can write some.

Dear Corner Cafe,
the music and the people
and the Karma. Too much.

Dear this world of mine,
you are like Bill Wordsworth¹ this week-
Too much with me².


¹The world is too much with us – William Wordsworth³
²Tonight reading  Richard Wright’s book of Haikus – written while he was in exile in Paris.  Learned that while far less common (more like a million times less common) – a 5-8-4 Haiku is an option.  I’ve also read that seventeen syllables is all that you need. I do though, love the balance of 5-7-5.
³Oh. My. God. Pretentious. Notes on my Haikus -like frakin’ Eliot’s Wasteland – but not even close, because I’m not Eliot.


mememe and haiku


There’s a mememe going around Facebook tonight, and I thought I might just play along…  I’m doing it here — not in my notes on Facebook because, well my post count is decidedly low these days.

So apparently,  don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen authors who’ve influenced you and that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

ready – go –

  1. F. Scott Fitzgerald
  2. Kurt Vonnegut
  3. Sylvia Plath
  4. Madeline L’engle
  5. Barbara Kingsolver
  6. Bill Shakespeare
  7. Harper Lee
  8. Ken Kesey
  9. John Irving
  10. Roddy Doyle
  11. Alice Walker
  12. Henry David Thoreau
  13. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  14. Mark Twain (even if Irving said he didn’t like him).
  15. Frank O’Hara

That’s a pretty sweet list- that takes me from Elementary school to modern day, and all those authors showed up at different stages of my learning and teaching. To be honest, I rambled off the first thirteen in three minutes and the last two took another  four or five on their own.

As promised, Haiku

Ode to a pinched nerve in my neck-

I think the world needs
to lay off me, when I have
shit that must be done.