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where I look-


There is perfection to be found,
in lyrics, and language.
in paragraphs, and stanzas,
in chapters set in far away jungles
with characters whose names I can’t pronounce.

In your three-year old, as he sits cross-legged,
shaved ice in hand listening to musicians.
Perfection in the way your five-year old,
looks just like your baby brother did at that age.

Mostly it is in the songs that play,
The timing that’s just right,
The way summer feels when your windows are down,
the way the sky turns purple,
how the clouds go pink.

How the song is just for you,
as you make your way down a road so familiar,
that you let your mind wander,
down that road a ways,
to a whole other place and time.

I’ve got nothing. . .


Nothing to write about.

No stories to tell,
no words to convey,
no angst to lay out on a page.

I mean,
I want to tell you all about this one time in Ireland,
but it will take too long.
And there was this certain day at work,
but I like my job. Read the rest of this entry

Imbolc*. . . and the shadows I am fighting. . .


I have been wallowing in dark places, and leaning towards other things. I have gathered ammunition, and shot it at only those I love the most.

I have had the worst year a person could imagine, with brightness in spots like you would not even believe. I have dithered with insomnia, Read the rest of this entry

Do you fall in love . . .


. . . with songs?  Like so deeply, deliciously in love, that you don’t even know how you lived before you heard that song.  I’ve been having a new affair with music after having had pushed it to the side for far too long.  Adele, Frank Turner, and Mumford and Sons are on heavy rotation in the mini van.  So much so, that Kai and Keegan both belt out the “aye, ayes,” at the beginning of Adele’s My Same. Read the rest of this entry