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It isn’t – 1×30


It isn’t comfortable or kind
and it doesn’t live in your chest.
or your head.
It doesn’t belong to logic

It isn’t grey or blue
and it isn’t light shades of pink
it isn’t pastel anything
it’s not a tint you know how to name.

It doesn’t sound like strings
or wind instruments
can’t be played out on keys
doesn’t belong to the bells.

It doesn’t live in the city,
or on any mountain peak.
It can’t be found on casual strolls
down side city streets.

Of course it is something, it has a title,
though, I’ve forgotten how to pronounce it.
couldn’t even sound it out,
buried  it too deep to remember.
prompt found on NaPoWriMO

The Best Cigarette


Once, I went to AP camp. AP camp is where teachers go to learn to teach AP courses. It is terribly nerdy – but there is free beer after five – and so – it’s also kind of perfect. In class on the second day, we were talking about teaching poetry – and reading a Collins’ poem, and this guy to the right of me said, “God, I hate Collins” – and in my head I thought,

“right, so we’ll never be friends.”  

As former smoker – this poem talks about everything I miss about smoking — you know, that nasty,  horrible, absolutely perfect, wonderful habit.