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These weeks


My new year starts now.
Tomorrow, early up, get a run in,
( I mean that is the plan),
pack up the boys,
and walk in with the two crates of work I meant to do this summer.
But let’s be honest,
(if that’s what we’re going to do),
I haven’t touched those suckers since I put them in my bedroom,
sometime near the end of June.
Not sure how long I will last tomorrow.
Be it an hour or six, to set up the rhythm,
maybe I’ll wait to make my coffee till I get there.
So that the room smells of the deeply roasted
french pressed coffee, I require to put my teacher face on.

But I end this year tentative –
After a summer worth talking about.
It is rare for me to not be excited about the fall,
about the crisp settling in-
about the colors changing,
about apples measured in pecks and bushels.
about the prospects of shoes.
I mean, I won’t wear shoes that require socks or stockings till –
perhaps October the first,
so long it has been that I have lived in New England,
and believe that one should expose their manicured toes,
till at least the oaks start to turn.

But no, I am not thrilled for this new year,
this is a bit of dread.
And I’m not sure if it’s because the energetic one
begins his new school-
but then, the small one does too.
Perhaps, it is because, like every summer,
I feel like I haven’t even begun to finish all I meant to do.
Or maybe there is a darker shade of grey,
no not the book I avoided all summer,
(because dammit,I get my smut from a third wave feminist magazine)-
Maybe there is something darker besides the night that grows longer.
Or perhaps, after eight years of grown-up September,
I’m just not ready to let my summer go.

Something I’ve been meaning to do all week


So – I didn’t blog all year-long.    I did blog every day till I started back to work and I did though – blog 273 days. I’m okay with this. In the course of New Year resolutions – I did pretty okay with this one.  In the meantime, I’ve gained a smidge of readership, and some sort of voice – and a bonus bit of confidence in my writing.

I thought for fun, I might make a few lists as I get back around in the new years swing of things.  I would like to tell you I’m immune to the freshness of a new calendar laid out in front of me – blank with possibility.  But I’m not  – not even a little bit –  though, granted, because I’m a teacher, my calendar has two beginning and endings a year, and two moments of planning and reflection. Read the rest of this entry