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Poems Outloud – or I should be grading


I should be grading.  But I’m seeing essays even when I close my eyes, so I’m taking a break. I’m trying to get things organized around here — by around here, I mean on the site.  I’ve got some fun things in the works in terms of writing for this summer — so I’m trying to make things always workable — which I know they aren’t always now. Read the rest of this entry

With more eloquence than I have been able to muster


To be honest,
I had no intention for this night to be,
What this night became.
Had no intention to hear the words I have meant to say.
Repeated back.
Except they were just eighty seven million times better than I would have ever managed to put them together. 
But then.
It happneed.

Pearl Jam and Poetry Events in Haiku form-Because — Becuase I can


Yellow Ledbetter
Windows rolled down summer wind
drive through the sound waves.

Cohosting on stage
Killer open mic, followed
by Worcester Slam team.

Road trip over hills
GennaRose to feature, then I
will compete  in  the  slam