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Class with Ellen Bryant Voigt


Afternoon spent not
inside a forced aired classroom
instead on couches and chairs
tucked in a lounge
Ego checked at door

Then taken to town on my intonation
and lineation skills by Vermont’s
former Poet Laureate where it turns
out I didn’t die
when I was scolded with
your brain got a hold of you didn’t it
do it different try again
pause at the end of the line
that held no punctuation throw
out the recitation skills you were
taught certainly pause

Between stanzas

Considered the
questions that she sent over in her
long vowelled
Held my own even

When it was all over
told my own teacher
he owed me a beer for the
moment of gulping
down what I thought I  had known

As she signed my book
her sonnets collected
that I still purchase even if
embarrassed by the moment of
teacher being schooled she
sorry for shutting you down
and I respond that
it’s okay I managed to survive and she said
I knew you would

On second or is it third thought
perhaps I owe him one instead