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When everything is going just as it should –

 But Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted. 
 What happened? 
He lived happily ever after.
                                  – Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

I had a hell of a teaching week last week.  Things were not going in my classroom how I wanted them.  Students were behaving outside of my classroom, and perhaps in it, in ways that disappointed me.  This coupled with the fact that we remain a district with an interim superintendent, a principal who leaves in two weeks, and no contract to speak of, well let’s just say there was some drinking done last weekend.

Also,  my students got the business from me a time or two in the last week.  At the end of one of my self-righteous lectures. . . A student raised her hand, politely, as she was sure I could still bite.
“Ms. B, have you ever thought of recording those rants, they sound a whole lot like poems”. Read the rest of this entry

Open Mic –


Today, the small went off to his first fay of preschool – and tonight, in honor of that I read this at open mic, in some nostalgic nod to a time when I could hold him close and nearly sing everything away. – First posted here way back when he was not even six months old.


Totally knackered.  Not in  a good way.  Not in a way I learned in Ireland, when I would hand a bar-keep  a pile of coins, and he would reward me with a frothy Guinness,  or a tangy cider.  I’m mom knackered.  Last night. The  temperature in the small one hit a number I hadn’t seen before, nurse on the other line suggested a midnight ride.  Women in scrubs  lingered and said things to each other  like ‘he’s tachy,’ while I held my son, who would not sleep, who sounded more teradactyl than human, and willed his fever away.  Before dawn they deemed him fit enough to go, and I drove back through the night.  At home I handed the small one to his father, who  tucked him in under his arm, while I took off the layers I’d been wearing for 20 hours or more.  Wandered the house, turning off the lights I had left on while I packed a desperate diaper bag.  Stopped to pull the covers up over the energetic one who moves even in his sleep.   Climbed in under the warmth, and watched the small one inhale the familiarity of home, rested my hand on his chest, and drifted off to the sound of baby breath.



So I made a summer to-do list – and I’ve been working on it. And ten days in, I feel like I’m doing pretty good. I also know, that with this summer game, it is entirely too easy to fall off course, so for only my own edification, I’m going to spend one day a week going over the shite I have planned.

Summer To-Do
last update – June 22nd

  • Write every day.  Then blog it.Done. Done. Done. 
  • Get exercise three days a week. Eh. Once – Hiking – hiking a whole bunch of miles, but still – need to be more regular about this. This week I am committing to take at least one yoga class, and go for at least one walk. Read the rest of this entry