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Kai and Mama’s list of 100 things to do this summer (and Keegan too)

Kai and Mama’s list of 100 things to do this summer (and Keegan too)

1. Catch fireflies
2. Roast marshmallows
3. Go tubing
4. Watch a movie outside, at home
5. Go to the DriveIn
6. Go to the ocean
7. Go to the Brattleboro Toy Museum
8. Pick strawberries
9. Pick blueberries
10. Pick raspberries
11. Camp in the yard
12. Camp at a campground
13. Rainbow tag the bike trail
14. Go see the Sox
15. Go see a Cape league game
16. Watch some Hopkins summer soccer
17. Take swim lessons
18. Watch The Goonies
19. Start reading Harry Potter
20. Finish the tepee
21. Learn to skip rocks
22. Tie dye
23. Go fishing
24. Go to Boston
25. Watch clouds
26. Watch planes take off and land at the airport
27. Read Charolette’s Web
28. Watch a meteor shower
29. Go on hike
30. Watch fireworks
31. Play hop scotch
32. Have a water balloon fight
33. Plan a nature walk
34. Build a fairy garden
35. Plan a pajama party on a rainy day
36. Go to the Highland Games
37. Make homemade bubble wands and homemade bubble solution
38. Make ice cream
39. Ride a carousel
40. Go to a church carnival
41. Play in the rain
42. Build an indoor fort
43. Make popsicles
44. Find a four leaf clover
45. Make homemade pizza
46. Go to the farmer’s market
47. Go to the movies in the middle of the day
48. Play croquet
49. Read James and the Giant Peach
50. Fly kites
51. Make a sundial
52. Make and fly paper airplanes
53. Track the moon
54. Plant flowers
55. Keep the bird feeders full
56. Keep a log of all the birds we see
57. Go on a picnic
58. Have a midsummer celebration just for fun
59. Have a lemonade stand
60. Make a summer music CD
61. Go to the flea market
62. Learn to fold oragami
63. Make tin can stilts
64. Go to a concert in the park
65. Watch a parade
66. Make puppets and put on a puppet show
67. Plant a terrarium
68. Build a flower press and press flowers
69. Go bowling
70. Make root beer
71. Go mini golfing
72. Go to Friday Arts Night Out
73. Make a time capsule
74. Go to the zoo
75. Do a treasure hunt
76. Make dilly beans
77. Go to a farm
78. Make pinwheels
79. Eat breakfast outside for a week
80. Watch a sunrise
81. Go to Puffers pond
82. Take a day trip to Mass MOCA
82. Paint rocks
83. Go to the spray park
84. Bike the rail trail
85. See a hot air balloon launch
86. Go to the upper valley music fest
87. Go at least a day without screen time (mama too)
88. Go to Yankee doodle Days
89. Find a new waterfall
90. Walk through a cave
91. Go to the Hartford Science Center
92. Find a bridge to play Pooh sticks on
93. Read Danny Champion of the World
94. Check out the Trolley Museum in Shelburne Falls
95. Go to the West Stockbridge Zucchini fest
96. Check out as many soft serve stands as possible. Decide which one is best
97. Bake a pie with local fruit.
98. Bake cookies
99. Play in the sprinkler
100. Learn how spot constellations
101. Launch wish lanterns
102. Make hula hoops

Blue skies. Day after – Live Blog


10:52 – I am in a car  headed to Brattleboro, VT. We need coffee and a generator. Waiting for things to happen, not really an option in our house.  We are #75 on the list for one at the Greenfield Home Depot. There was power in a few places, but nothing was open.
We’ve been talking about getting one for…five years now. But necessity is the mother of invention, or in our case action. Read the rest of this entry



Sometimes I have to remind myself of things I do, and why I do them.  I do a lot. More than I should. I teach six classes, manage ten independent study students, advise four extra curricular activities, and chair the English department. I am raising two boys the best that I can, and co-managing a household with my co-navigator. I make play dates and mama dates, and sometimes I sit in front of the tv, and sometimes I write. Sometimes I host parties, and sometimes I think of a project too big to manage. And sometimes, well, not sometimes, actually, more like currently, I sit on the Board of Directors for MotherWoman. Read the rest of this entry

To be prepared


A quick rundown of what we are doing to prepare for the 79mph+ winds forecasted for Irene’s arrival here in the Happy Valley –

1. Drinking water, a gallon a day per person, theoretically enough for four days. Stop & Shop has Poland Spring, 2.5 gallon containers on Sale for 2/$5.00. If anything, this storm is going to be annoying, in that we may lose power for a few days.  The Northeast is crowded, and the electrical grid is packed, if this hits NYC and Boston, lord knows, WMECO isn’t going to be able to get the help it had in the past to fix the grid (the HillTown ice storm, June 1st tornado),  folks might be without power for a few days. In fact most of my tips have to do with dealing without power. Read the rest of this entry

I have an addiction . .


. . .and its name is produce.

Lame right? Yeah, well I’m making my 2nd batch of rhubarb bars in just two days. Tonight I ate asparagus, fresh from the  field’s of Hadley, with enthusiasm that lions don’t even know as they’re felling zebras.

The goal for the rest of the summer is local, and in season.  And if not super local, at least East Coast.  It’s hard habit to break, having grown up with the world’s produce at my beck and call – but it’s just insane to eat bananas that had to burn jet fuel to get here, when I can eat strawberries that grow around the corner.

We planted peas last weekend, and I think they are nearly as cute as the kiddo I let help plant them.

how long till snow pea stir fry?

loving the garden

Okay, that’s pushing it.

Valley Views – 87 of 365

Building an Ark – same one I’ve been building since last May

I’m not sure where else I would live.  Not that I’m going anywhere, but no where else feels more like home.  Maybe it’s because the boys were born here – or because my career is here – or because I got married here – somehow I’ve had a  whole lot of life here in the last six and a half years. Read the rest of this entry

ugh – 19 of 365


snowing.  grey all day.  temperature at 10:23pm, 36°

I obviously live in this bubble for a reason.  This is the map of the Happy Valley, as lifted and modified from  NYT (I only went NYT b/c the Globe was lagging)  – true Blue all over. Except Hawley – where there was a tie. 63 for Coakley, 63 for Brown, 5 for Kennedy,  no seriously, 63.

how blue is your valley?

tomorrow’s to-do list looks like this-

  • Avoid: twitter trending topic #masen, msnbc, npr, and cnn (except AC).
  • Make cookies.