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Things Unsaid


Do you know that space between conversations- the shorthand you develop with friends?  The glances that come to mean more than even words can say?  Do you know the nods you give across the table – or the implications of the words you say, but  which, actually mean an entirely different thing?  Do you know the laugh that you both burst out with, when not a single word has passed either of your lips?

Don’t you love that?

Yah. Me too.


Out of my system.


Ten days after I got back to MA, ten day after my dad’s memorial service, the message came that Gram was about to pass. And for eight weeks, I had thought I was going to be okay with that message, that after everything we had gone through – I was going to be okay with that message.  But I wasn’t, and ten days after I had been home in MA, I was packing up and heading to CT. Again.

An aside-

-there about fourteen stories I have to tell you in this one post to get to the ending, so please hold on, I’ll get there.

When Papa was in the hospital – I had a lot of new CT area code numbers in my phone.  And one day when I meant to dial my mother – I dialed my grandfather. Read the rest of this entry