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Completely off topic – On Christianity and being a Liberal.


The reason I’m a liberal is because I was brought up a Christian.  I’ll repeat that, just incase you’re doing a double-take.  The reason I’m a liberal is because I was brought up a Christian.

I taught Sunday school under my Gram’s tutelage, I wrote and delivered children’s sermons in front of packed congregations in my teens.  I’ve read the Bible – The reason I’m a liberal, is because I was raised a Christian. Read the rest of this entry

July Links I Love


New Game, gather all my posted links in one place, once a  month. Eh, why not.

OKGo’s too cool new video, All is Not Lost

The Beastie Boys as done by Sesame Street

On why to Raise the debt ceiling, from a Republican

More debt ceiling thoughts

One of my new favorite blogs, and a hysterical post why having a toddler is like being at a fraternity party.

American Lab Rescue – Where Callie came from, and where we got our foster dog who is now living happily in her new forever home.

That’s all you got?


A little bit cloudy, first full day of spring.

I’ve been avoiding the political here as best I can — but tonight – there’s just no way.

CNN reported that there were 2000 protesters outside the capitol today. While  listening to their report alongside those of the rest of the main-stream-media, you would have thought the tea-baggers had brought a legion of angels on a mission of God to defeat health care. But no -there were just 2000 people there. 2000? For real? This is a protest? Read the rest of this entry