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Why I will not vote for Scott Brown – an analysis based only on voting record.


This is going to be a long list and one I am going to continue to update throughout the day.  Direct references will be made to Project Vote Smart, a group that documents recorded votes. I am going to be honest, I actually could end with just one issue– I could put this one vote down, and be done — Read the rest of this entry

Completely off topic – On Christianity and being a Liberal.


The reason I’m a liberal is because I was brought up a Christian.  I’ll repeat that, just incase you’re doing a double-take.  The reason I’m a liberal is because I was brought up a Christian.

I taught Sunday school under my Gram’s tutelage, I wrote and delivered children’s sermons in front of packed congregations in my teens.  I’ve read the Bible – The reason I’m a liberal, is because I was raised a Christian. Read the rest of this entry

Love Ire and Song.


Sometimes there is a song that so represents how the world is at that very moment, that I wish I could just package it up in bubble and float it over the general populace and get everyone to hear it. But that’s just silly, so instead, I blog about it. And Frank Turner, who I’m currently madly in love with,  has this tune.  And well, while congress is letting the world blowup over politics and so-called principles, me, I’m driving around in my bourgeois, car-seat full, minivan, blasting this Englishman’s rageful, and regretful tune, with the windows down, as if somehow a song could make it all better.   Read the rest of this entry