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Once in a Blue Moon


This year, August has two full moons, or the proverbial blue moon. I feel like I’m living a blue moon month, and the fifth day isn’t even over yet. There are twenty-six whole days left to keep doing things I’ve never done before.
And it’s not like I’m looking to jump off a bridge with or without a bungee cord, but just push the limits of what I can do, and what I am capable of.
Mostly though it is about the five envelopes I want to ship off by September one. Five envelopes full of self-loathing, desperate times, and hope.

suck it Mercury


Battle ReadyLook little Red planet.  You usually manage just three retrogrades a year — and everytime you do – you screw with me so bad — But this year – four retrogrades.  Come on —

You with your ash spewin’ volanoes and your oil spills in the hurricane weary Gulf – and your car bombs in Times square.  You with you knockin’ around some of my dearest friends and family, and giving Kai mono, and Keegan ear infections, oh, and the incessant teething.  You with your basal cell carcinoma and Mohs surgery, and your dental extractions.  You Mercury – for the next two retrogrades, I will be battling you with lip gloss, hilights, and dark sunglasses.