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Thirty Days of Lists – Day Two



For a little help on this list I will go to. . .

1. C25k Podcasts – or this App

2. I am using Google Calendar for appointments, and this for my teacher life, and then this other app that reminds me to do things

3. Mint, I’m not mad at Mint any more.

4. I think more- just keep going.  Though, I need to keep Tuesdays free — it’s too good for my heart to miss it more than one week in a row.

5. Oh, fuck if I know.

summer by the numbers


36 ideas and 42 items on my to-do list.
3 weeks worth of classes, and 6 days of training.
87 schemes, even though my friend warns that we “flirt with future living”.
22 stanzas, that belong to 12 separate poems.
4 unit plans half undone. Read the rest of this entry

Sunday List


This week, was lovely, and a little bit idgy. I don’t do down-time well, I don’t know what to do with my brain, given enough hours on its own, it starts over-analyzing the crap out of things. I’ve been trying like hell to keep the hamster in the wheel as busy as possible, but it hasn’t been working.  I mean you would think throwing an impromptu fourth of July/ birthday part for twenty-five people would be enough – but nope by two on the 5th, it was back on the wheel.  Class starts tomorrow though. I will be more than busy for the next three weeks.

Summer To-Do
last update –  July 1st.  Read the rest of this entry



So I made a summer to-do list – and I’ve been working on it. And ten days in, I feel like I’m doing pretty good. I also know, that with this summer game, it is entirely too easy to fall off course, so for only my own edification, I’m going to spend one day a week going over the shite I have planned.

Summer To-Do
last update – June 22nd

  • Write every day.  Then blog it.Done. Done. Done. 
  • Get exercise three days a week. Eh. Once – Hiking – hiking a whole bunch of miles, but still – need to be more regular about this. This week I am committing to take at least one yoga class, and go for at least one walk. Read the rest of this entry

I. . .


. . .have only returned one phone call since Monday.

. . .have only written two non-work emails in thirteen days.

. . .got really lovely and sweet news this afternoon that made me smile.

. . .think that if I don’t get paid to hang out with you, I didn’t marry you, or I didn’t give birth to you, there’s a good chance I’m ignoring you at this moment in life.

. . only become a self-centered narcissist in September.

. . .have a weird obsession with tracking  hurricanes, and am terribly disappointed by the current track of Earl.

. . .earned my first paycheck in 15 months today. I then spent a good deal of cash on things I didn’t need at CVS.

. . .am trying to fake it till I make it, but that only takes me so far.

. . .am so straight-up heartbroken that my grandmother doesn’t recognize me anymore, that I thought making my cousin travel eight-hours to come see her with me, would fix that.

. . .have just learned, once again, that I can’t control, or fix everything.