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Really (really), Bad Basketball Poetry


Not sure which is worse, the poetry or the bball play last night — but I’m going to revel in the horrendous  of both- and repost my Facebook feed  poem in progress from last night.

Tucked the kids, dressed in their UConn tees into bed –
with visions of Shabzz and the big dance in their heads. Read the rest of this entry

Birthday Archive


This little bit was from a year ago –
and this year, well it’s brought me a whole lot of other nonsense, but I’ll write about that tomorrow.

May 16, 2010
After Midnight. . .

. .  . I turn thirty-three.

12 years ago, I turned 21.  12 yeas ago this time I was behaving badly with college friends in someone’s parent’s house, while those parents were out of town.  The next day we saw twelve bands at 104 fest in Hartford. Read the rest of this entry

Growing Pains


Once I was dating this boy. It was the summer after graduating UConn, and about four weeks out from a break-up of a longterm relationship that had been around since high-school — but there I was dating a new boy.  I was about eight weeks from moving to Boston. I didn’t have a job lined up, and I had already given up on the dream of moving to DC to  work for the Feminist Majority – and there I was dating a boy – sitting in Ted’s, the ubiquitous-where- everyone- knows-your-name joint on campus – and we were talking what we were going to be when we grew up – and I said in ten years I’ll either be working for UN commission on women, or an English teacher and mama and wife – and he said – if you’re just an English teacher, I’ll be sad, you’ve got bigger things to do. Read the rest of this entry

still posting


Still feeling like I’m slugging through some stuff right now. Working on some pieces of myself – – little bits of change at a time — right now I’ll continue to blog every day – I have so much to share — like how I’ve decided that people really have more in common with each other than they know — and it would be nice if they could just get beyond the labels and get to see each other. . .

Oh and Go Huskies! 78 wins in a row, back to back NCAA champions! That’s my UConn!!

Love me, love my bracket –


Gorgeous. Weather that belongs to May, not March. Temperature at 9:30pm,  52°

When I was 13, I cried.  Okay I cried all the time when I was 13. But one night, I cried during a basketball game, because I thought my beloved UConn Huskies were going to loose to Clemson in the sweet 16 round.  I was so upset I had to call my dad at my uncle’s house and cry to him.  And my poor dad had to watch the game while  on the phone with his sobbing teen.  Now of  course – that was the night, of it’s late, it’s great, it’s TATE – and I remember the sound of my uncles yelling in the background, and the site of my brother jumping up and down on his bed.   A couple of days later I would cry again as Duke would crush my dream of UConn being a national champion. I would also begin a life long hatred of Duke. Read the rest of this entry